"As a sales representative for a radio station, I have the opportunity to work with a number of marketing and production companies. I would recommend CarSpots.ca to anyone in the automotive industry. Not only does their team understand the automotive industry, they understand effective radio advertising. They are organized, pro-active and customer oriented. They have always done a great job for their clients during the two years that I have worked with them. Give them a try, you won’t be sorry!"

Lisa Lauzon
Grande Prairie, AB



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Who We Are

Creative Professionals who understand the Auto Industry

CarSpots.ca is dedicated to Automotive Radio Advertising. Our ads stand out.  You get the highest quality, the biggest sound… ads that will blow your competition out of the water. 

We don’t sell cars… we drive showroom traffic.  Rev up your radio, you won’t be disappointed.

Our Team

Stu started out as a radio guy.  Then one day he stopped and thought “Hey!  I should start my own business and then I could do what I wanna do all day and life would be perfect.”  Well, little did Stu know that running his own business wouldn’t be all sunshine and rainbows like he originally thought…  He quit his job as a producer (which was heartbreaking) and took up radio sales for a year in order to make enough money to build a studio.  His experience in radio sales as well as all facets of radio creative gives Stu a great understanding of balancing clients wants and desires with the best creative to match and drive your business forward.  He still spends most of his days producing ads, but also doubles as the manager who gets to handle all the “fun stuff” that comes along with owning your own business.  His production style is a totally unique blend of real life comedic situations that help grab the audiences' attention, mixed with the biggest wall of sound, balls to the wall, hard sell radio spots you’ve ever heard!  He gets hired by companies from all over the world when something more than your average radio spot is needed!  And did we mention he's ridiculously good looking?

Erin keeps the CarSpots.ca poop in a group on a day to day basis.  She handles the bulk of the creative, does all those tedious record keeping jobs, and acts as our in house IT guru.  This small town Saskatchewan sweetheart has a diverse background and her experience in writing and radio promotions is a great strength to our team.  She's a published poet (believe it or not), a talented voice actor, and an international award winning creative writer.   

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